S*Alchymist's High Hopes BURd



I'm in love with this little boy, such a fantastic character he has! Super sweet and very promising in my eyes. He will be an upcoming stud in our cattery and I've my hope he will sire some nice kittens in due course.



FI*AuroraAustralis Starkatz Alex BURn


Kommer kastreras inom kort!


Alex is an amazing burmesecat that wasn't supposed to stay here as he was owned by Britta Kjellin. With some pressure from my partner who wanted his own brown male, he simply had to stay with us. Alex temperament is beyond the usual, he is the most social and outgoing burmese I've ever met, if I disregard my old chocolate boy Milton. His pedigree is unique and will contribute to new genes
which is so important now for our burmesebreed. Alex is an outcross with a Thai cat, but still of a good standard in type.
He has been on catshows with good results!



S*Alchymist's Armandii


 dio 003

Superpromising little boy, he is a mix of bloodlines which hopefully will be a good contribution in my cattery. He is typey and has everything in the right place along with a correct burmeselook.  Dio has been very successful at catshows so far by winning nominations and BEST IN SHOW






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