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My name is Hanna Emilsson and I'm the person behind S*Alchymist's Cattery.
I've always loved animals and they have made a great inpact in my life. I knew early that I wanted to work with animals so I went for three years to a gymnasium to get a professional animal keeper diploma.
After school I got a job at Skansen which is a zoopark in the middle of Stockholm. I've worked with exotic animals such as flamingos, wolves, brownbears, seals and so on...
At this time my interest in catbreeding started seriously but it took a few years before I bought my first burmese.

I've always loved burmesecats for their exquisite beauty and "devil look". They have also a friendly and doglike temper which I love.

Now a days I work as a unit manager in Västerås city.

S*Alchymist's is a very small FIFé registrated cattery located just outside city of Västerås.
I breed burmesecats in homeenviroment and most of the kittens are born in my kitchen. I select cats carefully for my breedingprogram and I'd always make sure they are of the highest quality in temper, health and looks.
I usually breed two litters a year and my motto is quality not quantity. I spend a lot of time with my kittens so they are well-trained and handled before they move to their new homes.
I'd think it's important to bring new bloodlines into my cattery so therefor I've imported cats from all over the world.

Thank you for visiting my website, please come back soon!


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